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Professional Business Development

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A fresh innovative approach, to developing

YOUR business

Let us guide you to work smarter and focus on what's important to you.

All of our services come with a guaranteed return on investment, providing you with the confidence to rejuvinate your business.


The award winning Ilixia Programme, is unique as it allows businesses to work with an expert Business Coach, enabling Business Managers to be released from the 'Business Management Trap'. Providing you more time to work 'ON' the business, rather than 'IN' the business. Participants of the Ilixia Programme, have recorded real results, in particular, gaining a new philosophy to 'business development and growth' which has enabled them to create robust, profitable and prosperous businesses that are very capable of 'standing on their own feet'. For more information, please contact us.



Providing you with expert advice and guidance for developing your business in specific areas.  We can provide your business with real solutions to specific areas of development within the business, including:

For more information, please contact us.


Offering bespoke training programmes, which are designed with your business in mind, with hands on activities, which are both engaging and stimulating.  The teaching style is designed to ensure that the learning can be instantly transfered to the workplace, providing you with real results. One off workshops are available, or alternatively, longer programmes can be developed for you and your team.  Examples include:

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We provide a range of research related services, including Business Research Report findings for local councils. We look at company behaviours and provide guidence on improvements.

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